Complaints procedure

Because we want to offer the most optimal services to our customers, we think its important to hear it from you if you have complaints about services we offered to you. Please let us know your complaint as soon as possible to prevent potential damage. According to the law a complaint is expressed on time if a complaint is expressed within two months after the incident. This also counts in case the product you bought doesn’t have the funtions mentioned in the purchase-agreement. It's important to let us know your complaint by writing.

If you file your complaint, it will be answered within 14 days. If we need more time to answer your complaint, we will let you know when we can anser you within 14 days. You can e-mail to klantenservice@profscomputers.nl or write a letter to:

Profs Computers, Straat van Malakka 6, 2622KM Delft