Welcome at Profs Computers.

Profs Computers offers a helping hand you might need at any moment, You can run into computer problems such as a laptop which is getting slower or a tablet which is hijacked by ransomware. Professionals of Profs Computers has more than 21 years of experience, We therefore garantee we can help you with your computer problem.

Computerservice at home

Tablets, smartphones, game consoles, media players and wifi routers play an importang part in the household. Unfortunately this also means we are more dependent on these devices. There is also a bigger possibility failures appear. Everything is connected nowadays in a network and if something goes wrong, for example by failure in the network or by a virus all other devices can be affected to. We offer computerservice at home to help you with failures and computer problems. We analyse whats going wrong and we will set up an action plan, in liaison with you. We execute the plan immediately, if this is possible, to make sure everthing performs again as it should be.

Why should you choose Profs Computers:

  • We have over 21 years of experience
  • With a telephone appointment we will help you the same day
  • You will afterwards receive the bill
  • You always get the best price
  • We have repair status online
  • We offer a telephone helpdesk
  • We are available six days a week, from Monday untill Saturday from 9.00 till 20.00
  • We participate in several projects for charity
  • We have No call out charge
  • You get a 3 year warranty on the new computers supplied by us
  • You will receive 1 year warranty on used computers
  • Reliability, clarity, quality and speed are our top priority as you can see in our reviews.

What does Profs stand for:

Professional, Repair, Overall maintenance, Flexibility, Speed


Welcome at Profs Computers.