Windows 10 October upgrade

The Windows 10 upgrade, which is called 'October 2018 Update' is coming in October as the name suggests. Microsoft has announced this at Europe's biggest tech show IFA in Berlin. The update is also known as Redstone 5.

Windows 10 storage problem

“Windows 10 is the latest version ever”, Microsoft said three years ago at Ignite conference. This week the 2018-edition of this big tech-conference takes place, but a lot of attention is going to a imminent threat of the upgrade problem of Windows. The Windows update which is coming next month could cause forcing you to replace hardware parts.

Cheap turns out to be expensive?

The new October-update which contains many fixes and innovations needs 10 GB of storage. This could be too much for a computer with a low price. Next to thin clients and embedded pc's this also affects entrylevel computers which are brought to the market with a small price and are sold a lot. Relatively cheaper laptops, tablets and 2-in-1 devices with Windows 10 for the lower part of the market are often equipped with a modest 2 GB of RAM and a low flash memory storage of 32 GB. Lack of storage unfortunately can cause an OS-upgrade to fail, Microsoft is warning. It is even worse: a device with a lack of stoarge space can cause jamming or even break down your device. A complicating fact is Microsofts upgrading system Windows Update isn't checking in advance if there is enough storage room available before the October update is initialized.


If you're not sure if your computer or laptop can handle the upgrade, feel free to contact us. We will check if the upgrade can be done or note. If after the check-up it turns out you can do the upgrade, you can do this without worrying.