New installation

New installation

While using your computer or laptop you often install several programs or games. Besides that you also surf a lot on the internet and while surfing the internet lots of software, cookies, files and spam will be saved on your computer or laptop. Your computer or laptop can became slow because of all this. A new installation can provide a solution, so your computer or laptop can gets its original speed back.

What do we need before starting the new installation?

To bring the performance of your computer back to the original status we need the following:

- Your license code (this is to be found at the side of your computer or at the bottom of your laptop)

- A Driver cd (this is the cd where all the drivers for the motherboard, graphics, sound and other drivers can be found)


Before we start the new installation for the computer, we will first make a back-up of your data. For instance:

- Desktop
- My documents
- Pictures
- Favorites
- Outlook, Outlook Express or Windows Live Mail

Would you like to have a back-up of data not mentioned in the list above? Please notify us! We will copy the data on a CD-ROM or a DVD.

New installation