Virus and Spam problem

If your computer has been infected by a virus or has spyware

A virus or spyware causes, in many situations, problems and can endanger your privacy! The computer gets very slow, the internet connection will be difficult, your data will be corrupted and will sometimes even be deleted. There is also danger of all your personal data being transferred to the internet.

Another sort of virus tries to hack you passwords. When, for example, you do your banking online, you must be sure that your computer has no viruses. The number of viruses and their abilities, increase every year. It is therefore imperative that you have a have a quality virus scanner, installed on your computer.

Deleting of viruses and or spam

We offer help by deleting viruses and or spam at your home, should your computer have been infected. If you have any doubt on a possible infection, we will search and destroy any virus and or spam in a professional way. We can advise you on the installation of a virus scanner and or spam filter.

Note: there are cases where we have to take your computer for a search on our professional test bank at our workshop. This is especially the case when it concerns a deeply hidden virus.


Virus and Spam problem