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How to make a screen shot on your Mac

Windows keyboards have a clear button 'Printscreen'. Macbook- or iMac keyboards don't have such a button. But don't worry there is a special shortcut to make a schreenshot.

Screenshot of the entire screen.

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Why do I have to be aware about cookies on the internet?

Everything you do on the internet can be followed. This way a lot of authorities/companies built up a profile of you without you knowing. They can optain information about who you are, where...

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Play android games on your computer

This way you can play your favourite android game on your computer or laptop. Of course it is fun to be able to play your favourite Android game on your computer or laptop. This is possible with Bluestacks 3. You don't have to look...

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Create a password that is difficult to crack and not to guess

When you register on a website or use Internet banking it is always difficult to come up with a new, strong and unique password. The intention is of course, the password is difficult to guess and not to crack to make at least the...

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100 keyboard shortcuts for Mac

100 Keyboard shortcuts for Mac. Use your computer/laptop as a professional. By pressing a combination of keys, you can do things that normally need a mouse, trackpad, or other input device.

⌘ = Command

Cut, copy, paste and other common...

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