How to make a screen shot on your Mac

Windows keyboards have a clear button 'Printscreen'. Macbook- or iMac keyboards don't have such a button. But don't worry there is a special shortcut to make a schreenshot.

Screenshot of the entire screen.




Use Shift + Cmd + 3





Screenshot of a part of the screen. 


Do you want to keep just a part of your screen?




Use Shift + Cmd + 4




The mouse icon will change into a cross. Move this over the part you want to take a screenshot of, this way a square is visible. At the moment you let go the mouse the screenhost will be taken.

Did you selected the wrong area? Then push Esc while you are dragging your mouse over the screen.

The selected area will automatically be saved on your desktop.

It's also possible to immediately copy the screenshot to the clipboard. Push Shift + Cmd + 4 and hold the Control button at the same time. This way you can easily put screenshots in a document or e-mail.