Play android games on your computer

This way you can play your favourite android game on your computer or laptop. Of course it is fun to be able to play your favourite Android game on your computer or laptop. This is possible with Bluestacks 3. You don't have to look at a small screen anymore. Bluestacks is an emulator which runs on Android OS. Therefore it's possible to play android apps on your computer or laptop.

  1. Go to the website of BlueStacks 3;
  2. Click on download BlueStacks 3;
  3. Click on execute;
  4. Click on Install now;
  5. Check the checkbox *.

* Both elements are necessary for BlueStacks 3, to be able to install apps.

Installation of a game

  1. Click on the BlueStacks 3 icon on your desktop;
  2. Wait until loading is done;
  3. Click on LET'S START;
  4. Fill in your google account (or create a new account);
  5. Type in Search for example 'Candycrush';
  6. You can see 'Candycrush' in Results;
  7. Click on the game;
  8. Click on INSTALL;
  9. Click on CONTINUE;
  10. Click on SKIP;
  11. Click on My Apps;
  12. Click on 'Candycrush'.

A big disadvantage of BlueStacks 3 is the use of it only is free because of a special business model. Every once in a while apps are automatically installed on your BlueStacks-system as a form of advertisement. Fortunately you can remove these apps. If you don't want this advertisement you can upgrade to a Premium account which costs 40 dollar per year.

Remove an app

To be able to see an overview of apps you have installed or to remove an app,

  1. Click on My Apps
  2. Click on Uninstall App ICON on bottom right;
  3. You can see a cross at the app;
  4. Click on this cross to remove this app;
  5. Confirm your action with Yes.


A big difference between a true Android device or a virtual version on your computer, is you can control the app on a true Android device with touch. Of course this isn't always possible on your computer or laptop. To solve this issue you can find a button on the top to be able to set a keyboard key to function as a touch function for the game or app.

  1. Click on the game/app;
  2. Click on the keyboard on the bottom;
  3. You can change the controls in the way you want;
  4. The arrow keys do work most of the time with games.

Have fun!